It happens to the best of us. Writer’s block. We know that we need to publish our marketing messages, but the words seem to be stuck on that eternal highway between our brain, fingertips, and the computer screen. When writer’s block strikes, try repurposing a blog posts or two by turning them into a brilliant email marketing campaign.

“Chop Your Own Wood, It Will Warm You Twice”

When we want to get a new idea out, but the words simply won’t come, it might be time to turn to our previously published blog posts. Why? The answer is simple — with a little bit of imagination (and perhaps a bit of playing in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign) we can easily turn our blog posts into effective email marketing messages.

In case you are also experiencing a creative block, here are seven ways that you can repurpose your most successful blog posts into email content that your readers will appreciate.

  1. Create A Round-Up Of Helpful Facts. — No matter your industry, chances are that your blog posts are filled with helpful facts. However, great facts can easily be lost when they are spread throughout multiple blog posts. To repurpose the facts of your posts, all you need to do is to a) pick a theme, b) gather the facts related to those themes, and c) turn them into a “fun facts” email campaign that succinctly rounds-up the juiciest tidbits for your intended recipients. This type of scannable email is a great way to showcase your status as an industry expert, while simultaneously providing useful information to your contacts.
  2. Turn Your Blog Posts Into An eBook. — Speaking of themes and facts, did you know that you can repurpose your blog posts into an eBook? That’s right, with a little bit of digital recycling your content can be designed into a cohesive story. You can then release the eBook via an email marketing campaign. Start with an email blast that introduces your new eBook. Next, send out the first chapter as a teaser email. Finally, send out an email that contains the entire eBook. Be sure to track the results of each email, so that you can create an “eBook audience persona” for future publications and email campaigns.
  3. Create An Infographic. — While we love our words (and occasionally tend to be a bit verbose), we also recognize that 65 percent of people are visual learners. With this in mind, you can easily turn your blog posts into useful infographics that can then be emailed out as part of a visual email marketing campaign. Turning your blogs posts into infographics is as easy as:
    1. Selecting a theme;
    2. Gathering the facts that support your theme; and
    3. Turning these facts into a visual representation.To get your creative gears turning, check out these two samples, “How To Reach Customers” and “119 Facts About Email Marketing” infographics.
  4. Turn Your Blog Post Into A Video Tutorial. — Blog posts are chock-full of amazing information. While marketers love to think that their audiences read every single word in a blog post, the reality is that many posts are skimmed, scanned, or bookmarked as “read when I have a moment to breathe.” The silver lining to a blog post that isn’t perfectly read, is that you can easily turn it into a video tutorial email series. With a bit of crafty imagery, a good voice over, and the right visual cues your blog posts can be repurposed into video tutorials that can be published on social media and sent out to interested viewers via an email marketing campaign.
  5. “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.” — Do you have blog posts that are incredibly popular? Have some of your posts become sharing sensations? If so, then let your email subscribers know! Don’t limit the success of your blog posts by simply saying, “great, this older post was successful.” Instead, give your most successful blog posts new life by showing your email subscribers what you have to offer via an email update. Sometimes a little self-promotion can go a long ways towards reminding your customers why they seek out your products or services. Speaking of your customers, have a little fun and include the best (or perhaps the most entertaining) comment for each blog post to further encourage your recipients to click on the embedded links.
  6. Take A Trip Down Memory Lane. — At some point in their careers all marketers are guilty of writing self-promotion blog posts. We’ve all read them … the posts that only talk about the company’s latest products or services. If you’ve written these posts, then you should use them to your advantage by repurposing the material into a valuable email via the following these steps:
    1. Review blog posts that talk about older versions of your products or services;
    2. Write new, up-to-date information about the current versions of your products or services; and
    3. Create a compare / contrast email that looks at the older versions of your products vs. the latest versions. Be sure to tell your recipients how the new versions are designed to deliver additional benefits.
  7. “One Is The Loneliest Number.” — When writer’s block strikes the last thing you might be thinking about is creating more than one email; however, that might be just the solution that you need. An email series is often the ideal way to repurpose your existing content. Your series can be based on one long blog post that needs to be split into several parts that can be sent out over a few days or weeks. You can even use the series as a way to gather important audience feedback. What portions of the series had the highest engagement levels? What is the ideal email length? What type of subject line had the best open rates? Did the conversion rates change throughout the series? Through these types of questions you can better understand how your content performs over email vs. as a blog post, and subsequently adjust your approach for improved marketing results.

Turn Something Old Into a Shiny New Email Marketing Campaign

When writer’s block strikes, or you simply want to give your old words new life, turn to your blog posts for email inspiration. With just a little bit of creativity, you can easily repurpose your existing blog posts into something new that your email subscribers will appreciate. The moral of the story is simple, an email marketing campaign is right around the corner when you have great blog posts to fall back on.


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