Admin Panel

At the heart of Vuepak is a comprehensive Admin Panel that makes managing your team and reviewing your content performance easy.


Lead Import

If you use a CRM that does not support integrations, you can import leads using CSV files. Export your data from your CRM, including who the lead is assigned to, and easily map those leads to their respective user in Vuepak. Track your user outreach and evaluate team performance.

User activity

User Activity

Monitor your team member's activity in Vuepak. Filter by timeframe and track items such as

presentations emailed

presentations sent by text

assigned leads

leads contacted

log ins for period

last log in

presentations shared

leads generated

Template Log

Template Log

The template log provides you an overview of your messaging's effectiveness. Test different variations and track

email subject performance,

message performance,

team member message results, and

presentation open rates.

Share the best-performing content with other team members.

Company Totals

Company Totals

Vuepak combines all presentation results, from all team members, and provides company-wide totals and averages. Learn the effectiveness of your videos and other media by reviewing how much time prospects spent on your assets. See the overall interest level for each presentation.



Review any presentation sent by your team members and its results. Drill down into campaigns to see exactly what prospects looked at and spent time with. Get a bird's-eye view of your company's level of outreach to potential clients.



The dashboard allows you to review your users, presentations, storage, and streaming usage. You can also get a quick visual of every presentation and what elements are included.