Email marketing has lots of benefits and uses. It can help build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, while also increasing the percentage of conversions and of revisiting users. Email also happens to be one of the most effective methods of marketing, with conversion rates from email towering over the conversion rates for social media and advertising. Oh, and it also costs a lot less!

The most difficult part of email marketing, though, is that you have to find a way to gain access to an email list of some kind. The more organic the means of generating your email list, the more effective that list will be.

This infographic, shared by, will provide you with a total of 119 facts about email marketing strategy, while also sharing tons of interesting stats that will help you better understand the niche. In addition, check out some of our other blog posts with strategies and advice on how to be more effective when email marketing.


Email Marketing Facts | Vuepak


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