The process for sending an email is simple. You craft the email, fill in the recipient’s address, and click send. After that it’s up to the recipient to either respond via email, phone call, or other designated method. This process can leave many questions in the mind of the sender. Was the email received? Did they open it? Did they accidentally delete it? Were the documents downloaded or the links clicked? These unanswered questions have created anxiety for years… until now.

Email tracking software is a powerful tool that can answer a multitude of questions regarding the exceedingly competitive inbox. New email tips and tools fly in and out of the spotlight faster than you can learn how to use them. You can receive notifications when an email has been opened. You can even discover when an attachment has been downloaded or viewed, or if the links have been clicked. Unlike the disruption of a read receipt, email tracking software is designed to work in the background as it provides valuable marketing insights. Are you taking advantage of the benefits of automated email tracking software? If not, here are a few positives to consider.

Benefit #1: Automated Email Tracking Saves Time

As a salesperson, it can be exciting to see a new email appear in your inbox. However, when there is a lull in the day, checking your inbox for new emails over and over can actually take up quite a bit of time.

Stop staring at your inbox and instead receive valuable insights from email tracking software. Now, you can see if your contact has opened the email from their mobile device while they are off skiing instead of sitting in the office. Thanks to this information you can better tailor your response to meet their schedule. Instead of sending irritating “checking in” emails; you can wait to see if they open the email again from their typical NYC office desktop in a week or two.

In short, email tracking allows you to save time and refocus your efforts on creating content that resonates to the real-time responses of your current customers and prospects. This can even be taken to the next level with additional email analytics. For instance, Vuepak can even tell you which attachments have been opened, and even how long a video has been viewed or how many pages of a pdf document has been read. These tools help you know what to expect, so you’re not wasting your time just hoping for a surprise message in your inbox.

Benefit #2: Email Tracking Software Provides Context

We might live in a world that contains a copious amount of marketing data, but that doesn’t mean that we are effectively gathering it. Fortunately, automated email tracking services take the guesswork out of gathering insights into our email interactions. You can use this vital sales tool to strengthen interactions with your customers, prospects, and networks.

A few of the valuable insights that can be gathered include:

  • The time and device that a contact opens an email.
  • The number of times that an email is opened.
  • When or if the links or attachments are opened.
  • How long the attachments are viewed (this is especially important if you have sent lengthy written documents, marketing videos, or still images).
  • The interest level of a contact after you send a follow up email.

Through the above insights, you can more effectively create a customized approach to each of your contacts (more on this later in Benefit #3).

Benefit #3: Create A Customized Response

Automated email tracking services deliver real-time notifications regarding the who, what, where, when, and why of your contact’s inbox. You can leverage this information to create a customized response. For example, let’s say your recipient never opened the video email attachment, but spent hours reviewing the written documents. Armed with this knowledge, you can make an educated guess that they weren’t interested in the gimmicky marketing video, but rather wanted to know the nitty gritty details of what your company has to offer; which means that you need to provide truly valuable information in your follow up email if you want to continue the sales conversation.

Knowing how to respond to each contact is a custom case, however there are a few common responses that you wouldn’t be able to make without the help of email tracking.

  • You can call when the email is opened. In fact, immediately following up after an email is read can be the best way to reach your contact before they become distracted by other emails or tasks.
  • You can decide if the best course of action is to do nothing. The knowledge is especially helpful when you are sending out marketing emails that are designed as “effective touch points.” In these instances, you don’t need to follow up with the contact, you just need to know that they are engaging with your content.
  • You can follow up using specific context. For example, if your contact clicked on a link about a specific product, then you can follow up with more information rather than bombarding then with a sales presentation on all of the products that your company has to offer. In this way, you are catering to the contact’s unique needs from the start of the relationship.
  • You can create additional touch points throughout the sales process. Open, click through, and view time notifications can help you to determine how many touch points each contact needs throughout the sales process. Remember that we live in the age of the consumer, which means that we must customize our communication approaches to meet their specific needs or requirements. In other words, what works for one contact might not work for another. Email tracking notifications provide the insights needed to effectively adjust your sales approach for each contact.

The Bottom Line: Automated Email Tracking Software Delivers Impressive Benefits

Writing emails, especially cold emails or sales pitches, can quickly become a challenge if you don’t know what to say or how to fill in the white space. While it is easy to say “get inside of a customer’s head before you hit send,” this is often easier said than done; unless, of course, you have the right tools. Automated email tracking services deliver the valuable information that you need to gauge engagement levels, establish communication preferences, and gain insights into how your contact truly thinks and acts with regards to your products or services. Through this valuable information you can readily build a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial.


Vuepak is a sales enablement platform that presents the products and services you offer. It features detailed tracking, media content distribution and sales automation. It helps turn prospects into customers and get more attention while growing your business.


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