Key Features

Vuepak features a robust tool kit that makes
managing, delivering, and tracking your content easy.

Content Management

Content management is simple. Just drag and drop all your product’s media assets, and Vuepak will process your files into an eye-catching presentation. Add your logo and a short description, and you are ready to go. If you have lots of products, our search engine will make them quick and easy to find.


Distribute your presentations via email, text (SMS), social media, and shareable links. Easily assign presentations to your team members so they can do the same. Got resellers? Make your presentations available to them as well.

Sales Automation

Supercharge your sales enablement by creating customized emails and text sequences that include your product’s presentation. Automation handles distribution on schedule and expires content based on your settings. In just a few minutes, you can engage and nurture prospects through the customer journey.

Engagement Analytics & Intent

Track every element of your content performance. Monitor and analyze open rates, views, and duration, and zero in on what’s working. Automated A/B testing lets you analyze and optimize for continuous improvement with your conversions. Unlike other marketing solutions, you can see exactly what content and what parts of the content customers engage with. This empowers you to better prepare for your follow-up sales conversations.

Lead Generation Forms

Create an unlimited number of lead generation forms, generate links, and place them on your website or any other location of your choice.

Task Management

Manage all your tasks in one place. You can also add tasks to your sequences to remind you to follow up with a phone call or to perform any other manual step.

Centralized Hub

Vuepak is more than just a platform: it’s a centralized hub for your inbound and outbound marketing. It becomes your sales-center solution for delivering stunning multimedia content that drives engagement and converts prospects into customers. Content can be shared across resellers and affiliates to maintain consistency and compliance. Update content and presentations from one location and know that both your users and resellers will be using the latest version.

Powerful Integrations

Vuepak integrates with Salesforce, Office 365, Gmail, Exchange, Zapier, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.