Every sales person struggles with the anxiety associated with producing and sending out marketing materials. In the allusive chase of the “big sale” every unanswered phone call, unopened email, or post without a single like can feel as if the world is ending. Instead of giving into negative psychological tendencies, sales associates need to “power through” by keeping the following tips in mind.

Positivity Is The Key To A Successful Sale

Trying to land the big account, the one that can change it all, is akin to the fabled tale of Moby Dick. Fortunately, for you, the big account doesn’t have to become your white whale when you leverage the following tips.

  1. Establish a clear marketing timeline. — From the time that you send out your first marketing communication to the time that you have either landed the client or the lead has become cold, you need to implement a set timeline. You should determine the number of days that you want to wait before you reach out with a second marketing message. This means that you also need to decide if you want to send an alternative means of communication or stick to one marketing channel. Finally, you need to decide the maximum amount of time that you want to spend on a lead before you send the final communication.
  2. Ask the right questions. — Sending out marketing materials can lead to anxiety when you ask the wrong questions. Instead of worrying by asking, “does the client like it,” or “did they even see the materials,” you should instead focus on questions that can help you to land the new client. This means asking: “do my marketing materials speak to the client’s pain points,” “have I implemented tracking mechanisms and automated replies to expedite the time to close,” and “what can I improve for the next opportunity.” These types of questions will drive the changes that you need to land the big account.
  3. Determine a positive way to handle rejection. — The path to landing the big account might involve many bumps, twists, and detours. Handling, and more importantly learning from, the rejection is imperative if you want to succeed. Whether you handle rejection by turning to motivational quotes or create a journal of lessons learned, you need to find the silver lining, so that you can successfully move on to the next opportunity.

Through the above tips and a positive mentality you can successfully curb your anxiety during the sales process.



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