B2B email marketing strategies occasionally fall behind the innovative curve that is set by popularized B2C campaigns. In an age when the recipient is receiving an influx of emails on a daily basis, it might be time to change your approach and adopt a few proven tactics. No longer is it okay for B2B marketers to settle on mediocre email designs that are text heavy and lack the flair of popular B2C email marketing campaigns. Instead, it’s time to gather a little inspiration from the following creative strategies.

Implementing Lessons Learned From Proven B2B Email Marketing Strategies

Whether you are a marketing veteran or a new player, the following strategies showcase the importance of a great email design within your B2B marketing campaigns. After all, with over 100 emails flooding a person’s inbox on a daily basis, isn’t it time that your efforts gained the attention that they deserve?

Moz And The Curated Email Content

B2B relationships are all about providing value. No matter the scenario (or industry), customers want to know a) what’s in it for them and b) how you can meet or exceed their expectations with each and every transaction. Curated emails, like the one below, showcase your ability to understand a client’s or a prospect’s industry, area of expertise, or general interests. By delivering an email that is based on this curated knowledge, you can increase open rates, encourage higher click-through rates, and most importantly retain your prospect’s (or client’s) attention. Remember that it is significantly harder to complete a sale or renew a contract if your audience stops paying attention to your emails. 

B2B Email Marketing Strategies | Vuepak

Take A Page From Dropbox And Learn How To Reactive

Marketing and sales veterans will have lists of inactive and active client profiles. The challenge arises when the latter list is smaller than the former. To reactive clients, you can and should send them an email that focuses on the benefits of why they should once again use your products or services. Through simple language that lets the graphics do the talking, Dropbox showcases the importance of sending an automated, yet effective email to entice clients to once more return to their company. Once your reactivate email has been sent, you can track the results to determine what type of follow up email will deliver the desired result, while simultaneously improving your B2B relationship. 

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Gorgeous Emails Can And Should Be Created … Thanks ShopifyPlus

The below email is a prime example of the importance of design in a B2B marketing campaign. Not only is the email creatively designed, but it uses a great color palette to generate interest in a topic (cough, cough, a webinar), that usually makes people groan with anticipated boredom. When an email is interesting, it automatically places the recipient in the right mindset to view the attachment, or in this case the webinar. With this increased interest level, your attachments or upcoming event is more likely to garner the positive attention that it deserves. 

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Trigger Emails Can Be Used In B2B—Just Ask TheSkimm

The below email from TheSkimm is a great example of how to effectively use trigger emails to improve recipient engagement levels. By rewarding someone for being a subscriber for two years, TheSkimm makes the recipient feel good, while simultaneously showing that they appreciate their subscribers. They go one step further by asking (not forcing) the recipient to become a brand ambassador, with all of the implied benefits, if they simply share the embedded link with 10 friends. The latter strategy is a great way to spread the word about your company via the most trusted source … your existing customers. 

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Toot Your Own Horn To Increase Visibility

As seen in the below email, InVision App reinvents the importance of a brilliant newsletter. Gone are the days when a B2B newsletter reads as a boring quarterly report. Instead, newsletters provide the perfect opportunity to toot your own horn, while simultaneously creating an opportunity for user engagement. The more that your customers feel as if their voices are being heard, the more likely it is that they will share your business with their network. From a clever call to action, to the right balance of images with text, InVision App highlights the lost art of the email newsletter

B2B Email Marketing Examples | Vuepak

The Bottom Line: Design Before You Send

By this point you have probably realized the importance of email design within your B2B marketing campaigns. Once you have updated your designs, it will be time for you to measure the effectiveness of your new strategies. Whether you are hoping to re-engage inactive clients, want to increase visibility for your published resources, or want to showcase an intimate understanding of your recipient’s needs, your B2B email marketing campaign should deliver measurable results. With a little bit of ingenuity you can effectively establish your business as the go-to industry leader for positive, business enhancing solutions. After all, isn’t the ultimate goal of B2B email marketing to deliver value to your recipient?



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