Email marketing only works if you have clean email lists. This is a plain and simple truth that is often forgotten in an age when marketers are constantly trying to come up with “the next viral sensation.” Clean email lists not only ensure that you have the maximum deliverability rate, but also help you to save time, reduce marketing spend, and eliminate the unfortunate bounce back. In fact, with so many benefits, it is often a wonder that marketers will send out an email marketing campaign before even checking the status of their email business lists.

Benefits Of Clean Email Lists

You wouldn’t start off on a road trip without pulling up directions, just as you shouldn’t send an email marketing campaign without first cleaning your business lists. From lower bounce rates to increased email ROIs, the benefits of a clean email list are innumerable to both your marketing and sales teams. However, in case you need a little convincing to use the right tools to clean your email lists, we have gathered together seven additional benefits.

  1. Save money by only marketing to actual people with actual email addresses.
  2. Improve your marketing efforts via accurate email campaign statistics.
  3. Increase the effectiveness of your targeted marketing efforts.
  4. Improve your conversion rates.
  5. Receive more actionable data insights that can lead to an increased ROI for the entire marketing campaign.
  6. Maximize revenue opportunities to previous, current, and prospective customers.
  7. Prevent delivery issues by protecting your sender reputation.

What Tools Can You Use To Clean Email Lists?

Now that you understand the numerous benefits that can be achieved by having a clean email list, it is important that you select the right tools to get the job done.

  1. HuBuCo — If you need to carry out a bulk email verification and validation cleanse, then HuBuCo is the platform for you. This email cleaning service takes the hard work out of email verification by ensuring that you will only send emails to real users. In short, HuBuCo determines if an email address is deliverable, risky, unknown, or undeliverable. This verification process is completed via a SMTP, syntax checker, MX record checker, and DEA detection process.
  2. Zerobounce — Receive email list hygiene services along with the removal of nonexistent or non-responsive email addresses when you use Zerobounce. The SharpSpring list cleaning algorithm is designed to reduce email bounce rates, increase deliverability rates, and help you achieve the highest ROI possible on your email marketing campaigns.
  3. XVerify – If you are sending both domestic and international email blasts, then you should look towards XVerify to clean your business lists. XVerify is EU Privacy Shield Certified, which means that they can safely handle and clean international email data. The company has a built-in fraud protection service that ensures email address are not only valid, but also belong to permanent accounts. The company also checks to make sure that the email address associated with a company username does in fact match a registered domain.
  4. MailboxValidator — Improve your email delivery success rate, while simultaneously maintaining your positive email reputation with MailboxValidator. In addition to helping you clean and verify your business contact email addresses, MailboxValidator also offers the following services: Email Syntax Checker; MX Record Checker; MX Server Connection Checker; Email Greylisting Checker; Free Email Provider Checker; Disposable Email Provider Checker; Suppressed Email Checker; Role Email Checker; Duplicate Email Remover; Bulk Validation Supported; and Single Validation Supported.
  5. Emailable — Easily clean your business email lists with Emailable, a self-service platform that offers free reports, multiple integrations, and daily list monitoring features. It is a fast and comprehensive way to validate your emails before you send out a large email marketing campaign. Their proven algorithm checks and verifies email addresses with DNX verification, SMTP checks, MX lookup, and an internal database that checks the validity of the hostname, domain, and a compliance check. You can even receive a free email list report card that will give you a quality score for your email lists.
  6. ListWise — Optimizer has built ListWise to offer an email validation tool that will help you to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by maintaining a clean list. ListWise will remove duplicate email addresses. it will also delete bounce email addresses from your list. Invalid and common typos within email addresses are also resolved. Once the cleaning processes has finished, you will be able to download a clean email list that is ready for your latest marketing creations.

The Bottom Line: Clean Before You Send

Don’t risk your email reputation or your precious marketing dollars by sending emails to unverified or non-validated email addresses. Instead, use one of the above tools to effectively clean your business lists. With a clean email list, you can keep your attention on what you do best … creating marketing content that connects with your intended audience. Don’t delay, clean your email lists today before you hit send tomorrow.


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