Knowing what is right for your sales team is a hard task. When should you push your team to try new tactics? Do you let your team rest on their laurels after a good quarter? How do you find the right balance between tried and true methods, and new tactics? Answering these questions is made easier with the help of a few key statistical findings.

Using Statistics To Develop New Sales Tactics

While there are countless articles on “the best sales tactics,” we thought that we would turn to some recent statistics as the starting point for our post.

  • 44 percent of sales associates will give up after one follow-up. — This statistic is not only shocking, it is astounding. Sales associates should not give up in the face of a challenge. However, if you find that your sales team is only conducting one follow-up, then you need to address new tactics for approaching potential customers. Whether it is reaching out via a new marketing channel or following-up over the phone instead of via email, don’t let your sales team fall into this unfortunate statistical category.
  • 35 to 50 percent of sales go to whichever vendor responds first. — The beauty of a digital delivery platform, such as Vuepak, is that your sales team can more easily react to the consumer data that they receive. With instantaneous notifications regarding open and conversion rates, as well as read-through or viewing times, your sales team will be able to react more effectively and quickly. Ensure that your team becomes the first to respond to a prospect’s interests by leveraging the power of customized notifications that will help them to readily deliver personalized follow-up messages that “close the deal.”
  • Visuals are processed up to 60,000 times faster than text. — Sometimes it’s not the materials you present, but how you present them that results in a sale. Analyze the individual, as well as general responses to your marketing packages. Be sure to look at the campaign’s open rates, as well as the length of time that recipients spent viewing your marketing materials. You might discover that the best responses were to images, instead of text-based PDFs. No matter the case, you can use this knowledge to implement new sales tactics that leverage the power of visuals to help convert prospects into active customers.

The Bottom Line: Knowing When To Change Sales Tactics Is Made Easier When You Have All Of The Data

When you know what marketing materials are read, how many times they are viewed, and the conversion rate for each item, you can more easily help your sales team adjust their tactics to better meet the needs of prospects. In short, with the right data comes the improved ability to increase sales by using the right tactics.


Vuepak is a sales enablement platform that presents the products and services you offer. It features detailed tracking, media content distribution and sales automation. It helps turn prospects into customers and get more attention while growing your business.


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