We all need a little motivation in life and occasionally in our careers. While conversion rates vary from company to company, and sales team to sales team, the reality is that conversion rates from lead to final sale are often low, which can lead to a less than motivated team. To combat this, managers need to discover innovative ways to connect with and inspire their teams to continue to make an effort each and every day.

Motivate Your Sales Team To Reach For The Stars

Okay, the header might be a bit on the corny side, but to quote Norman Ralph Augustine, “motivation will almost always beat mere talent,” and what better way to motivate than to say “reach for the stars”?

  1. Motivate Through Trust — If your team does not trust in your leadership, then they will not believe that you have their best interests at heart, and thus they will not be motivated by you. In order to inspire your sales team you need to remain open and honest during the best and worst of times. Through trust you can not only engage with your team, but you can better predict when they will need a little push to continue to reach for the stars.
  2. Create A Healthy Competition — Putting the motivation back into a seasoned sales team can begin with a healthy competition. In fact, as millennials continue to infiltrate the upper echelons of the workforce, team-centered gamification has become an increasingly popular motivation tool. Through team-centered gamification, sales teams can become motivated to enhance productivity in order to increase sales and win the competition. This mentality rewards the entire team and teaches valuable self-motivation tools that can easily be applied in the future during slow sale periods.
  3. Turn A Reward Into A Career Experience — While financial or fun rewards are often great motivational tools, sometimes employees respond best to the ultimate reward — a chance to get ahead in their careers. The chance to connect with a C-level executive on a mentorship level will not only pay dividends for a sales associate, but will also benefit the entire company. By using this career-enhancing opportunity as a motivational tool, you can not only motivate your entire sales team, but you can also inspire them to look beyond their immediate company career in an effort to better understand the role that they play in the company’s entire business strategy.

The moral of the story is clear, even the best of sales teams will need a little motivation now and again. Understanding what makes your team “click” as both individual members and a cohesive unit, will help you to determine what tactics will best motivate your team to continue to reach for the stars.



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