The use of video across business sectors has grown by leaps and bounds. From conducting video interviews to sending video email marketing campaigns, video is an ideal tool for helping businesses connect on a global scale. However, did you know that video can also be used to improve employee and customer collaboration? That’s right, emerging video technologies can take your dynamic approach to improve business collaboration one step farther.

Video Conferencing To Improve Employee Collaboration 

Video conferencing is a proven technology that can help businesses to more readily connect with their employees on a global scale. When as much as 93 percent of communication is nonverbal, this connection is particularly important when you are trying to improve collaboration levels. Through real-time video conferences, your business can improve collaboration amongst employees and across departments. A few of the added benefits include:

  • Reduced Travel And Expenses To Increase Productivity. — Business travel can quickly become very expenses. Video conferences eliminates the need for employees to travel to the office for all hands on deck meetings. Save your employees time, money, and planning by simply hosting video conferences. Speaking of planning, make sure that your employees are ready for the video conference ahead of time. Studies show that video meetings are often shorter than in person meetings, which means that productive time can be gained simply by leveraging this powerful communication tool.
  • Better Communication Leads To Improved Collaboration. — It is no secret that when we communicate better we collaborate more effectively. In fact, open and honest communication is the key to successfully increasing sales, improving marketing efforts, and encouraging employees to achieve their established goals. Video conferences offer the opportunity for geographically diverse coworkers to communicate in real-time with all of the beneficial nonverbal cues that are gained from in person communications. In short, through video, you can more effectively communicate with your employees, so that they in turn can more easily collaborate with each other.
  • Enhanced Work / Life Balance — Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder and CEO, describes the importance of work / life balance best. In his words, “I work with people who are missionaries for what they do,” he said. “The only way to do it is with happy people. You can’t do it with miserable people watching the clock all day. … I like to use the phrase work-life harmony rather than balance. To me balance implies a strict trade whereas I find that when I’m happy at work I come home more energized, I’m a better husband, a better Dad. When I’m happy at home, I come back a better colleague and a better boss.” With these words of wisdom in mind, employee studies show that businesses who can leverage the power of video conferences and subsequently let their employees telecommute are more likely to have a happier, more productive workforce with a reduced turnover rate.

The moral of the story is clear, video conferencing offers a valuable communication solution that can improve collaboration amongst employees. Video conferencing also gives us the insights that we need to leverage better video email marketing to improve the collaboration and feedback that we receive from clients.

Video Email Marketing To Encourage Feedback And Collaboration From Customers

Video email marketing should be about more than simply presenting clients with a new engaging media. It should offer the chance for clients to give their valuable feedback.  Below are a few ways to encourage your customers to give their feedback and maybe even participate in one of your company videos.

  • YouTube Video Reviews. — Do you want to have the best of both worlds? In other words, do you want your customers to give product or service reviews, while simultaneously leveraging the power of video? If so, you should consider asking your customers to give their reviews via video. By compiling the video clips together you can create a unique customer review video that you can post to your YouTube channel. By posting the video to your YouTube channel you can encourage your customers to share their 10 seconds of fame with others, while simultaneously leaving the comments section open for written feedback.
  • Create A Series Of Videos. — Feedback and collaboration from your customers is made easier when you are creating a series of videos. A video series offers the build up that your customers need to become excited about their upcoming participation. It also can help you to improve your open and click through ratings if you keep a certain element of surprise. For example, you might send out a teaser video or hint at when the next video in the series will be released. By combining multiple types of emails into one campaign, you can further increase your customer engagement levels.
  • Leverage The Power Of Webinars. — Did you know that you can combine video conferencing features with your webinars? That’s right, you can take webinars to a whole new level of interaction by inviting your customers to become active audience participants. By using the latest video technologies you can not only increase customer collaboration and feedback during (and after) webinars, but you can also increase the number of attendees through savvy email marketing efforts.

Video Can Aid To Improve Business Collaboration

In conclusion, video will continue to transform the way that we conduct business on a global scale. If you want to use this innovative communication tool to the best of your abilities, then you need to first recognize how video conferencing can improve internal collaboration. Next, you can apply the lessons learned to your video email marketing efforts so that you can engage with customers on a whole new level. Finally, you can leverage both video email marketing and video conferencing to create interactive webinars that encourage increased levels of collaboration.


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