Cold calling doesn’t have to be the bane of your marketing existence. In fact, cold calling shouldn’t be any part of your marketing plan. Why? For the simple reason that with a few simple tactics you can easily turn cold calling into warm calling.

Turning Cold To Warm

A cold call implies that you know next to nothing about the person on the other end of the line, which means that the likelihood of building a solid business relationship is very slim. However, a warm call is a different ball game altogether. Use the following strategies to gain valuable insights into your prospects.

Strategy #1 — Engage With Potential Leads On Social Media Before You Pick Up The Phone

The beautiful thing about social media is that with a few key searches you can learn valuable information about your potential new customer. By establishing a social media connection on Twitter and LinkedIn, you can begin to transition from a cold to a warm call. You want to make sure that your lead recognizes you as a social media follower, not just a random caller interested in doing business. As a social media follower, your lead will know that you have already invested time into building a relationship, and in recognizing this fact is more likely to reciprocate by engaging with you on the phone.

During this relationship building process you should use social media to try and answer the following questions before you even pick up the phone:

  • What are the potential lead’s business pain points?
  • How can you help to solve a problem or challenge that the lead faces?
  • Why should the lead choose your company?
  • How can your social media connection be used to build a business relationship?

Strategy #2 — Warm Up The Call By Emailing First

If you want to turn a cold call into a warm call, then you need to recognize that a warm call is about more than simply getting the person on the other end to agree to a follow up phone call or meeting. Instead, a warm call should be a building block to creating a strong business relationship that is mutually beneficial. Take the time to research your potential lead’s business pain points before you even think of dialing the phone. Next, create and send an email that uses testimonials and other marketing tactics to briefly highlight how your company has previously solved similar pain points for other companies. If your lead opens the email, then you should follow up with a phone call that references the email and immediately lets the lead know that you are interested in learning more about how you can help their business.

Using these two strategies you can and will transform your cold call into a warm call that will help you to create a stronger and more lucrative business relationship.


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