Decisions, decisions, decisions. Marketing campaigns are filled with them. When should you send your campaign out? How should you follow up? What type of campaign should you run? How do you know if your campaign is well received? So many questions, so little time. But, wait. There is one vital question that is not asked often enough, “how important is formatting in marketing campaigns?”

Formatting: The Key To Success?

Your graphic artist has crafted the perfect rendering. Your wordsmith has written the witty lingo you need to connect with your clients. Your sales team has provided you with a cleaned contact list. The only question that remains, is have you properly formatted the message?

Whether it is audio, video, or image-based, nothing is worse than sending out a marketing campaign only to realize that the formatting didn’t hold across platforms. When the format isn’t precise you are left wondering if that is the reason that you have low open or conversion rates. In short, formatting is everything.

A Bit Of Formatting Advice

Keep the following tips in mind to ensure that your marketing campaign is not only formatted correctly, but that it retains the appropriate look from the moment you send it out to the instant that it arrives in the digital hands of your prospects.

  1. Test, test, and test again. — Whether it is an email or a downloadable PDF magazine, ensure that the format is retained across devices by testing for compatibility. At the least, mobile, tablet, and desktop compatibility should be tested.
  2. Understand the type of content. — For example, you wouldn’t format a blog post in the same way that you would format an email. A trailer for an upcoming film wouldn’t have the same formatting as a music video. In short, your formatting style will depend on the specific type of content that you are creating. Don’t mistakenly mix messages by sticking to one specific style for all types of marketing materials.
  3. Use a trusted platform. — The beauty of a platform, such as Vuepak, is that you can trust that the marketing materials are being delivered exactly as you envisioned they would. Avoid the square peg, round hole quandary by using marketing packages to send customized content to the right individuals at the right time.

In short, formatting is as important to a marketing campaign as bacon is to a BLT. You can’t have one without the other. In order to truly test the effectiveness of your chosen marketing materials, you must ensure that the formatting will hold throughout all stages of digital delivery. Thankfully Vuepak is here to ensure that your carefully crafted marketing campaigns can not only be successfully delivered, but that the formatting holds, so that you can focus on fine tuning results by analyzing the open and click-through rates, view times, downloads, and conversion percentages of each marketing campaign.


Vuepak is a sales enablement platform that presents the products and services you offer. It features detailed tracking, media content distribution and sales automation. It helps turn prospects into customers and get more attention while growing your business.


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