Marketing data comes in all shapes and sizes. However, marketers are often so overwhelmed with raw data that they often fail to see the forest for the trees. In order to avoid the never ending cycle of collect, gather, analyze, and repeat, marketers need to find the missing ingredient that will provide the insights they need to generate a successful campaign each and every time.

When it comes to collecting marketing data, the big hitters, i.e. the figures that are collected the most often, are open rates, conversion rates, and response rates. But what if you could gain a different, more valuable insight into your marketing data? What if you could discover how long your recipients spent on each marketing material, and even more specifically, how many times they interacted with each component of your marketing campaign? Analyze the latter statistics and suddenly it’s as if your audience is having a direct conversation with your marketing  team.

Discover The Missing Ingredient

The missing ingredient to your marketing statistics, lies in answering one simple question: “what happens next?” What happens after you send your materials and the recipient actually opens them?

Let’s say you sent a newsletter with a traditional package delivery. Let’s assume that the recipients read it and clicked on the CTO, suddenly you don’t know what happens next. Do they go back to the newsletter? Do they look at other materials you’ve sent? Do they save it via download for later consumption? Answering these questions will help you to not only fine tune your response, but it will provide you with the insights needed to adjust future marketing campaigns to your chosen audience.

By knowing what recipients watched and read, and for how long, you can get into the mindset of the audience as a whole, or drilling one step deeper, you can get into a prospect’s mind to define interest, establish communication preferences, and finally create those truly personalized responses. In short, when you know how your recipients are actually responding to your content, you will have discovered the missing ingredient that you need to make smart marketing decisions.

Fine Tune Marketing Responses To Increase Sales And Customer Connectivity

Whether it is sending a follow-up email, scheduling an in-person meeting, or sending new materials to re-engage with a less than enthralled prospect, Vuepak can provide the missing ingredient that your marketing data needs. Sign up for a free trial to discover how the right marketing insights can help you to fine tune your marketing campaigns, so that you can effectively connect with prospects from the moment they enter your sales funnel to the time they become valued customers.


Vuepak is a sales enablement platform that presents the products and services you offer. It features detailed tracking, media content distribution and sales automation. It helps turn prospects into customers and get more attention while growing your business.


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