Music is a powerful force that can help to connect us. Whether you listen to a track live or watch a movie trailer that has an iconic melody, music is undeniably powerful. It has the direct ability to create an emotional connection with your intended audience, which is why choosing the right music for your marketing videos is so important.

Choosing the Right Music For Your Marketing Videos

Marketing videos and video emails are an excellent tool for improving collaboration by encouraging a direct response. As part of this encouragement, the right music must be selected so that a strong connection can be established from the moment the viewer hits play. As part this process, here are seven factors that should be considered in your quest to find the perfect combination of lyrics and melodies.

1. The Role The Music Will Play.

Before choosing the right music for your marketing videos, you must first decide what role the music will play. Will it support or drive the message? Does it need to create a certain emotional support? Is it meant to be memorable so that people start searching for your video in order to hear the “great song” again? These types of questions will help you to determine what you hope to achieve by adding music to your video email. Keep in mind that you can always use intro and outro music as “bookends” for your video. The latter strategy will help to hold your message together, set the opening and closing tones, and leave your viewers feeling as if they have seen a completed work that tells a story.

2. Use Reference Music.

Reference music is a great way to help you find the music that you want to add to your video email. Whether you use YouTube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud, Spotify, make sure that you thoroughly analyze your reference track. You can compare it to other related tracks that you found on your chosen music platform. Finally, if you are planning on a hiring a composer, then you should be sure to give them multiple reference tracks that they can use for inspiration. While composers can be expensive, they are often worth their weight in gold if you are producing a series of videos that will use music as a common, connecting theme.

3. Know Your Budget.

Whether you are paying licensing fees for popular music or decide to hire a composer, your musical choices will be based in part on your budget. With this in mind, make sure that you have an established music budget before you get too excited about the “perfect track” that might end up costing you thousands of dollars. Once again, knowing the purpose and goal of the music will help you to assign a proper budget. For example, if the music is only one component to your video, then you might have a smaller budget vs. a video that makes the music the all-star player by placing it as the most important attribute.

4. Use A Music Library. 

Once you have established the goal, purpose, and budget for the music, it will be time to visit a music library. Music libraries often have licensing agreements and price points available that will make it easier for you to select the right combination of tunes. Additionally, music libraries are often sorted into categories, which will help you to more effectively narrow down your search for the perfect selection of musical notes.

5. Select Music Based On Your Audience.

Carefully consider your audience demographics when you are choosing the right music for your marketing videos and video emails. As part of your demographic research, try to determine if there is a particular type of music that your target audience listens to? Remember that the right genre of music can be used to strike a chord (pun intended) within the hearts’ of your viewers. From hip hop to indie rock, the wrong type of music will fall on deaf ears if you haven’t carefully constructed your audience personas to know their potential musical preferences. This same careful consideration will dictate whether you need to select a piece of music for its lyrics or for its melody.

6. Utilize Sonic Frequency And Tone.

Did you know that there are predictable physical and psychological responses to music? That’s right the tone and frequency of a musical selection can impact us in defined ways; as such, it is important that you carefully consider the sonic frequency and tone of each possible piece of music. For example, certain musical instruments will match the same frequency spectrum as a human voice. These instruments include the violin, cello, piano, viola, and guitar. If you want to enjoy the quality and psychological response that these instruments can create, then you will want to use tracks that have a repetitive chord progression and simple melodies, which will balance well with a voiceover.

7. Select A Track With A Consistent Rhythm.

Pacing is an important factor to consider in your quest for the perfect musical accompaniment. As part of this search, you want to make sure that you choose a track with a consistent rhythm that will make it easier for you to stop, start, and highlight the most important parts of your video. In fact, the latter technique can be a great way to add a powerful accent to specific imagery or messaging within your video email.

The Bottom Line: Music Can Make Or Break A Video

In the words of Jane Swan, Author and former West Chester University Professor, “… music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations[?].” Sadly, this powerful entity all too often becomes an afterthought during the creation of email marketing videos. However, as seen through the above tips, the careful selection of the right piece of music can bring an additional element to a video that wouldn’t have otherwise been achieved. With the selection of the right piece of music you can and will strengthen the message of your video email marketing efforts.


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