“Every business needs an online content management system.” This is not simply a bold statement, it is a fact of life for any business that wants to successfully manage their digital image and online marketing efforts. When over 81 percent of shoppers turn to the Internet for information on businesses, products, and services, your organization can’t afford to be left behind. If you want to effectively manage your online presence, so that you can more easily reach customers and other businesses, then you need a content management system.

How Can An Online Content Management System Help Your Business?

An online Content Management System (CMS) provides a manageable user interface that you can leverage to successfully create, modify, manage, and publish digital content. Whether you need to make simple changes to your website, or link your blog with your social media pages, a CMS provides you with the simple interface that you need to make the required modifications. The beauty of a CMS is that it can also help your business in a multitude of fashions.

  1. Streamline Efficiencies. — A CMS simplifies the publishing process for digital content, which means that you don’t need to have a coding background if you want to produce beautifully designed web pages, blog posts, social media posts, or other marketing materials. The simplicity of a CMS streamlines publishing efficiencies to save your business money, while simultaneously reducing the time it takes for your content to reach its intended audience.
  2. Improve Your Search Engine Ranking. — Keeping your website filled with fresh content is one of the easiest ways to enhance your search engine ranking. Fortunately a good CMS makes it easier for you to publish relevant content, join an external conversation, or create a sharing environment (via forums, comments, likes, etc.) for your site visitors. A CMS will also improve the usability of your site by making it easier for visitors to search new or archived content. Recent studies show that an increase in site usability directly correlates to site rankings.
  3. Promote Cross-Selling With Improved Control. — A CMS will help you to maintain control over when, where, and how your content is published. The increase in control can be combined with a CMS’ ability to learn user behaviors or preferences, which can lead to improved cross-selling opportunities.

Top Reasons Your Business Needs A CMS

Adopting a CMS is a smart business move that can help you to effectively grow your business, while simultaneously achieving new levels of success. In case you are still hesitant about using a CMS, we have gathered together seven reasons why you should join the countless other businesses using a CMS.

  1. Update Your Site On Your Own Terms. — The beauty of an online CMS is that you can quickly edit individual web pages to accommodate temporary changes. For example, you can use the CMS to promote an upcoming event or special promotion. This important feature enhances the dynamic capabilities of your site, while simultaneously providing you with the flexibility needed to make instantaneous changes that can bring an added value to your site visitors.
  2. More Easily Expand Your Business. — Do you want to add a company blog? Are you interested in creating a dedicated support page? Perhaps you want to sell products or services directly online? No matter what you want to achieve, a CMS can help you to more easily increase your digital footprint. You can even use the CMS to create an industry-focused forum, which will bring important industry leaders and conversationalists right to your site, making your brand a household name.
  3. Increase Functionality Via Apps. — Third-party applications, also known as plug-ins, are perhaps the best component of an online CMS. Do you want to add a sign-up form for a newsletter? Do you need an image slider to display your products? Do you want to create unique pre-loaded shopping carts that can be linked to email marketing campaigns? Whether you answered yes to any of the latter questions, or are already thinking about new marketing possibilities, the solution lies in plug-ins.
  4. Improve Your Social Media Reach. — One of the unique benefits of a CMS is its ability to seamlessly connect your social media marketing efforts. In the age of the digital consumer it is imperative that you are connecting and interacting with your customers on social media. However, all too often businesses create sites that are disconnected from their social media presence. This disconnect can impede your growth efforts and unintentionally lead your customers straight to your competitors. Fortunately a CMS makes it easy for you to connect your social media accounts via automatic posting features, social media sharing buttons, live updates, and interactive comment sections. With a CMS you will create a united online presence that actively presents multiple opportunities for connecting and conversing with customers.
  5. Effectively Manage Your Digital Marketing Strategy. — Did we mention that a CMS simplifies your marketing efforts? Through an online CMS you can receive the tools needed to effectively manage SEO, social media, blogging, website, email, and any other campaigns that are designed to increase your digital footprint. From storing vital customer information to creating event registration forms, a CMS is the solution that you need to more effectively manage your vital digital marketing campaigns.
  6. Enhance Customer Service. — It is no secret that we live in an era where the customer is not only right, but they expect instantaneous results. A CMS can help you to enhance your customer service offerings through dedicated help sections, support forms, and even FAQ pages. When it comes to creating a positive customer service experience, the sky is the limit and the right CMS is the rocket that you need to get there.
  7. Create A Positive Brand Image. — Did you know that a CMS can help your marketing team leverage the power of a multi-channel campaign? That’s right, as we mentioned in Reason #5, an online CMS improves your management capabilities by streamlining efficiencies and creating one platform that meets your marketing needs. With the help of your chosen CMS, your marketing team will be able to use multiple digital tools to create a positive brand image that strongly resonates with your intended audience.

The Bottom Line: Leverage The Power Of A CMS Today

If you want to grow your business and maintain a strong digital presence, then you need to invest in a CMS that is designed to meet your current and future needs. In short, the benefits that a CMS can deliver to customers validates our original bold statement, “every business needs an online content management system.” Don’t delay, use a CMS today to help your business reach new heights.

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