An email marketing campaign is only as effective as your ability to communicate with the right individuals. What does this mean for your next big business announcement? It means that it is not enough for you to send out a blanket email to everyone on your distribution list (unless, of course, you want your email to quickly be deleted). If you want to successfully promote business announcements, then you need to use a targeted communication strategy that successfully presents your announcement to a receptive audience.

How Can You Convince People To Read Your Next Announcement?

The challenge with email announcements is that they are typically over used by companies. For example, businesses often fall into the digital marketing trap of using press releases to announce news that is often mundane and not worthy of more than a mention in the “news” section of the website. The issue with the latter scenario is that it desensitizes recipients.

To put this dilemma into perspective, let’s use a personal example — wedding announcements. People look forward to receiving wedding announcements in the forms of save the date(s). These announcements are feverishly consumed. Why? Because they are rare events that signal something truly important. Now, imagine if every component of the wedding was announced. What if you received an update regarding the venue, the music, the dress, the food, the guest list? It would be overwhelming to say the least. The moral of the story is simple: big announcements should be just that: BIG.

Before you craft an email marketing campaign around your company’s next announcement, make sure that it is truly newsworthy. If the announcement does deserve its own campaign, then you can use the following five tips to ensure that your audience is engaged, your goals are met and your news is well received.

Structure The Email Properly.

Your email announcement needs to be designed correctly by placing the most important information at the top of the email. If you want your readers to look beyond the opening line or the page break, then you need to ensure that the most important component of the announcement is presented in an eye-catching manner. Make sure that you use the correct subject line. The subject line should be less than 66 characters. It should encourage readers that your announcement should be immediately opened. It should inspire them to take action before they even read the opening lines. Determining the appropriate subject line will depend on the email’s content, as well as the goal of the announcement. Finally, make sure that you use white space to your advantage. Make the announcement email easy to scan and read on any device. Use the blank spaces within your email to effectively direct the reader’s eye to the announcement’s vital components.

Use Color Psychology To Your Advantage.

Leslie Harrington, Executive Director of The Color Association, recently made comments regarding the importance of color in marketing and everyday life. She stated that, “The first point of interaction is shaped by the color, and color is the most memorable sense.” The importance of selecting the right colors for your email announcement cannot be overstated. You must keep Ms. Harrington’s words of wisdom in mind as you determine what colors will help readers to open and engage with your company’s next big announcement.

Construct With A Clear Goal In Mind.

There are some email marketing campaigns that warrant more than one goal, an announcement email is not one of those campaigns. Your announcement should have a clear, singular goal in mind. Whether it is to announce an upcoming product launch or reveal a new client-facing service, your announcement should be built to achieve this goal. How do you do this? Keep things simple. Write and re-write the content to ensure that every single word helps to achieve the goal. Finally, do not clutter the email with multiple calls to action. When you have a singular goal in mind, all you need is one call to action that encourages engaged readers to take the desired action.

Don’t Distract Your Readers.

This next tip goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip. If you want your recipients to react in a certain fashion, then you cannot distract them with multiple messages. For example, you wouldn’t use your product announcement to also sell other services. Instead, keep the message straightforward, simple, and easy to digest so that your recipients remain focused when reading your announcement. Finally, use the right keywords to increase engagement levels and encourage a specific reaction or outcome.

Add A Contact Phone Number.

This last tip might seem like a bit of a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many companies send out announcements without remembering to include their contact phone number. Nothing says “giant email blast for a less-than-newsworthy announcement” like sending an email that doesn’t include your contact information. Remember, you want your recipients to engage with your announcement, which means that if they have any questions they need to be able to contact you directly. To use our earlier wedding announcement example, failing to include a contact phone number is the equivalent of sending out a save the date without including the actual date. In short, by including your contact phone number you are encouraging recipients to engage via multiple medias; the more recipients engage, the more likely it is that your announcement will achieve its set goals.

The Bottom Line: Email Marketing Is An Effective Way to Promote Business Announcements

Cut through the noise of over 100 emails received per day by the average working professional, to instead deliver an email announcement that is newsworthy and warrants the desired engagement levels of your recipients. Through the above tips, you can build a recipient focused email marketing campaign that helps you achieve your goals, while simultaneously announcing your company’s big news.


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