Finding B2B leads is only as good as your ability to nurture those leads into meaningful relationships. To do this, you will need to implement an effective lead nurturing strategy. Just how important will this strategy become? According to a recent study by Forrester, companies that implement best practice lead nurturing strategies generate up to 50 percent more sales at a 33 percent reduced cost. In short, nurturing leads is not only good for increasing your sales funnel, but it improves the bottom line.

5 Crucial Lead Nurturing Tactics To Implement Today

Creating the ideal lead nurturing strategy will depend upon your end goals. Do you want to build long term relationships? Are you hoping to reduce the time to sale? Do you need to have increased sales revenue for a specific quarter? Once you have determined your end goals, you will be able to use the following tactics to improve your campaign.

  1. Send personalized emails. — Personalization is one of the keys to nurturing leads throughout any stage of the sales funnel. In fact, personalized emails have been shown to generate higher revenues, create improved relationships, and increase conversion rates. As part of a lead nurturing strategy, personalized emails show that you are taking the time to understand and cater to the needs of your lead and his business on an individual basis.
  2. Never underestimate the importance of multiple touches — Lead nurturing studies show that prospects receive an estimated 10 touches from the moment they enter the sales funnel until they transition into customers. Multiple touches via different communication channels will help you to more successfully nurture the lead as you guide your prospect through the sales process.
  3. Leverage the conversion power of the right content at the right time. — Nurturing leads is only possible if you create, send, and publish valuable content at the right time and through the right channels. Lead nurturing content should resonate and support your end goal; in addition, it must address your lead’s pain points and best interests. To help leads progress through the sales funnel, you must identify and speak to the challenges that prospects face at each point in the “buying process.”
  4. Implement a lead scoring system. — A lead scoring system is a vital tool during any lead nurturing campaign. When used properly, the lead scoring system can help you to accurately identify which of your leads are stuck within certain aspects of the funnel. From this information you can then decide what types of content you should send to your leads, to help them move closer to the end of the sales funnel. In other words, a lead scoring system takes the guess work out of determining how close your leads are to becoming loyal customers.
  5. Prioritize social selling. — In today’s socially driven world, social selling is a good tactic to nurture your leads throughout the sales funnel. You should be able to use social platforms to engage with leads on an individual basis, better understand their status within the sales funnel, and actively promote value-driven content that will help to transition leads into valuable customers.

In conclusion, these five lead nurturing tactics can help you to actively transition your prospects into revenue-driving customers whom are interested in building long term relationships with you and your customers.


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